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Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Every now and then, I run into artists and although their music is good, it sometimes seem to lack a sense of spirit. When I listen to and look at Trub, I hear and see a very sincere artist having fun with his skills. He makes light work of songs with his sharp lyrics accompanied by an energy that can’t be tamed.

Originally from Memphis, TN, Trub currently stays in Atlanta where he is furthering his career. His inspirations come from living legends like Jay Z, Lil Wayne and Drake.

I enjoyed his lyrics and passion on his single “Just Too Much” ft Wudjet. That was a track in light of our Black Lives Matter movement. My favorite is his newest single “What”, heavy trap wrapped in lyrics that will shred your ears.

“What” was added to “The Cxsh House Playlist” on Apple Music!

Make sure to follow this artist on all his endeavors @TrubChef on IG & Twitter!

👌🏾💵 #cxsh #cxshmere #cxshmedia


Updated: Jun 15, 2021

I’m introducing you all to “The Bag Guru” BAGZAMILLEON. I had the pleasure of meeting this artist at a performance he was conducting, where I got to see a performance delivered by . He has talent, energy and intellect to support his name!

BAGZAMILLEON came from a troubled childhood of violence, crime and drugs. Thankfully to his desire to become more than a statistic and to be a valued member in our community, he has beaten the odds of being held down by his past and made hisself a boss; creating the life that he desires. BAGZAMILLEON has worked for some of the greatest names in the game such as Kanye West, Rocko and Dame Dash just to name a few.

BAGZAMILLEON has knowledge and intellect that goes beyond music. He also overstands the importance of credit and savings and believes instilling those moral values in others around him. He knows how to get and secure his bag, hence the nickname “The Bag Guru”.

BAGZAMILLEON has released his hit single “Watch Me Jump” which is streaming on all platforms! I am happy to welcome this new artist to my playlist and new roster! Watch him jump and fly on these new endeavors coming up soon!

Follow him on all social media @BAGZAMILLEON

I am happy to welcome this dope artist to my company and family!

~ Cxshmere 🙏🏾👌🏾💵 #cxsh


Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Yella Rae is officially listed as a Phenomenal Woman feature on Cxsh Media! Yella Rae is a veteran radio personality, celebrity red carpet interviewer and host airing out of Queens, NY, with roots from the city of hustlers, Brooklyn, NY. With a laundry list of accolades, it was a no brainer choosing her as a Phenomenal Woman.

I had the pleasure of running into Yella Rae several times on the Clubhouse social network app, where I got to discover an energy like no other! Getting to know her, I found out she was a woman of ambition, with an education and a schedule that doesn’t seem to fit inside the clock. She also has a heart of gold; I’ve witnessed her character and can vouch that sis looks out for the cookout! Of course with a name like Yella Rae, you have to expect a vibe that matched! Her personality is electric and magnetic, she seems capable of pioneering any endeavor she sites!

Speaking of pioneering, Yella Rae has kick started a Radio Tour where she will be heading to a number of metros in Texas, Georgia, Florida and California to meet up and coming artists this summer 2021! You can find more details on her IG account and she has a room she runs daily on Clubhouse for open discussions questions.

I want y’all to follow Yella Rae on IG @yella__rae and stay in touch with NY’s favorite color in radio!


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