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Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Young’n Destined, from Michigan is a hybrid artist, dabbling in the skill set of singing and rapping, not the same as an autotuned trap artist. Young’n Destined can hold notes and bars in and outside of the studio. It’s like “hearing” night and day!

I became a fan after hearing his single By My Side, an R&B track, just in time for the love season of V Day. I went ahead and added it to Cxsh List: Indica; but then I went to his other work and ran into his “Sativa vibed” tracks and I started shopping like an Amazon customer.

Young’n Destined’s latest Album, My Turn 2 is jeweled with several vibes to relate to. Young’n Destined achieved landing on both of my playlists with TakeOff, SMS and Pros. I also found a dope track he was featured on; Neisha Nesha by Sam Watson featuring Young’n Destined is a ‘slide on em’ track I also added to the Indica playlist.

Make sure to follow Young’n Destined’s journey on his social media via @YoungnDestined on Instagram.

Stream and download his music via the link.

🙏🏾👌🏾💵 #cxsh


Updated: Jun 15, 2021

J. Maro is a hip hop/ melodic rapper from Florida, originally from Brooklyn, NY. As his style suggests, he performs soul music through trap genre wrapped in lyrics from his struggles. I discovered him via his single Celebration, from his EP “(His)Tory” a work displaying his craft and his past in collision. The EP is a smooth 5 track vibe, perfect for your smoke sessions.

I’ve added two tracks from the project; Stack or Starve and Celebration to my playlist Cxsh List: Sativa. J. Maro is working hard in the studio to release new music projected for later this year. He believes in organically creating and not trying to be a cookie-cutter artist. Of course Cxsh Media will be here to support the journey and come up of this dope artist!

Follow J. Maro on his social media at

Instagram @_Maro_BK

Twitter @_Maro_BK

His music is available everywhere via the link.

🙏🏾👌🏾💵 #cxsh


Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Welcoming T James to Cxsh Media! T James is from Gadsden, Alabama, sharing stories of his pain and struggle through his music. Trappin Made It Happen is a body of work displaying wordplay and melodies for the avid trap music listener. T James is not lacking on bars, punch lines or cadence; he sounds polished enough for my playlist.

I've added two tracks to my "Cxsh List: Sativa" playlist; "Trappin Made It Happen", "Air Bnb" & "Motion". These tracks flowed well on my playlist and I hope you add them to yours.

T James released a preceding mixtape featured on Live Mixtapes called "Real Rap 2".

T James aspires to become one of the greatest artists to come out of Alabama! I can attest and say that Alabama is a promising state for music thanks to artists like T James, Bianca Clarke and Yung Bleu. Follow his journey on his social media and stay locked in with his upcoming releases and progressions.

Instagram @Doubler_TJames

Twitter @Doubler_TJames


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