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Ameca Cooley


Ameca cooley
~Generational wealth coACH


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   Ameca is an Afro-Hispanic American Generational Wealth Coach from Chicago, IL who specializes in generating and leveraging multiple streams of income. Ameca manages a finance firm, trades Forex and manages a luxurious experience travel agency. She is invested into real estate that is rooted in her family. She has built an empire from generational wealth and wants to show the black community how to obtain the same lifestyle.

   Her drive comes from her grandfather's influence, who also owned land and instilled the importance of financial literacy and wealth in his children and grandchildren. Ameca resonated on these teachings long enough to push her to start her own company.  Now with a plethora of knowledge, insight and experience, Ameca believes it's time to reach back and open the doors for others to succeed financially.

  Ameca loves to travel; so obviously managing a travel agency was on her agenda. Ameca not only travels in style, she earns an income from her efforts with the business model she is under. Seeing the world has never been made easier or accessible and Ameca is living proof that you can enjoy luxuries without breaking the bank. Remember, Leverage!  Under the business model you can travel at a discount and you can earn an income by having your family and friends book through your company provided website!

  With the world at her finger tips, Ameca is able to show the value of being financially literate, the ability to enjoy luxurious experiences at a budget and earn an income at the same time.

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