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   Brobrocookdatup is a producer and engineer from Charlotte, NC with a unique sound he calls Space Trap. SpaceTrap is a genre he claims is a mix of Trap and EDM. Since a child, BroBroCookDatUp always had an inclined ear, always piecing together and taking apart beats in an experimental process to explore different possibilities. 


 BroBroCookDatUp was inspired by best friend Sportie Odie, a major promoter from Charlotte, NC and the global pandemic to truly pursue his dream. Sportie Odie preached about him not wasting his talents especially during the pandemic where a great amount of influencers took arose. 


  In 2003 Winston Salem, pursued rap temporarily while attending.

In May 2021 BroBroCookDatUp decided to take his career seriously and cooked up a myriad of beats for samples and recording. Over a short period of time, BroBroCookDatUp has participated in several review shows and battles for obvious measure to his skills.


   BroBroCookDatUp draws inspiration from producers/engineers/artists like Nipsey Hustle for his community contributions and aspirations. Ill Mind, Kanye West and Travis Scott were also cited as musical geniuses that helped spark his endeavors. 


  BroBroCookDatUp is launching an interactive beat site for artists and producers that will service them in an efficient way. 

Endeavors launching interactive website producers. 

Instrumental Album "Spacetrap Beats Vol. 1" released  11/19/21

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the bandwagon radio by       j-Pragmatic

Brobrocookdatup's launched  clothing line

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