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 I wouldn’t be me with out my father Beatz Damit. Fatherhood has played a very significant role in my direction! Who is Ruger, born Tyrue Sh-ron Rembert Jr in Brooklyn Ny raised on the west side of Charlotte NC, I lost my younger brother to gun violence when he and I were teenagers. My father always spoke on how that was his biggest fear, a phobia to some extent. I find it uncanny how it still happened to somehow manifest. It took that happening for me to realize Rue had to be Ruger. Now in this time in my life I see my dad’s statement as less of phobia or more of a protective mantra.

Every morning, when I wake up I set a new goal for myself as an Artist. By any means, where ever I’m scheduled to be, I remember those goals. Sequentially, I find ways to create occasions to where I can achieve the goals that I have set out for myself. I graduated college majoring in physical education with a concentration in youth development. As well as minoring in theatre arts at the prestigious Winston-Salem State University.  Just stepping stones in my path toward become influential in music. I’m forever thankful for the first opportunity I had to flex my musical abilities on camera with “What’s Your Chocolate”

the bandwagon radio by       j-Pragmatic

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