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Blizzy Gwap

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Blizzy gwap


    Rapper Blizzy Gwap is a performer, a lyricist and overall star with more than 10 years of rapping under his belt. Since deciding to pursue music as a career about 6 years ago he has exceeded expectations and is continuing to make his mark in the industry. A New York native, now based in North Carolina, Blizzy uses his unmistakably north eastern sound as his stand out trait. Known for painting pictures with his fresh and high energy delivery, he still pulls inspiration from legends such as Jay Z and Jadakiss. 


   Blizzy Gwap is no stranger to the stage. Performing is in his nature. he has over 150 performance credits, sitting opening up for acts such as Rod Wave and Plies as some of his favorite on stage moments. Off of the stage he still commands attention. Blizzy Gwap is currently sitting at over 30,000 views on his Artist YouTube account. 

the bandwagon radio by       j-Pragmatic

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