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Ghaf brings his cold talents to

  Ghaf is a rising artist out of the bitter winters of Buffalo, NY. He started writing music at the age of 12 and has been creating ever since! 

CXM: What inspired your talents? 

Ghaf: I started writing music at 12. I wanted to do it because,  my older brother was a top wordsmith and it inspired me and gave me a way to express myself. I've been perfecting it ever since.

CXM: Who do you look up to in the industry?

Ghaf: I wouldn't say I look up to anyone. There are a few artists that inspire me in different ways. As far as music goes, Kid Cudi is a big inspiration just because he makes music that people will feel. That's big with me. Sadè of course. She birthed the sound and the essence of what myself and others within this realm of music do now. 

CXM: Who do you compare yourself to?

Ghaf: No one! People used to compare me to Drake because I was rapping and singing and Drake somehow became sort of the poster kid for that kind of emo sound. I've always been this way though. In all honesty they were better off giving The Weeknd the credit.

CXM: What do you feel makes you stand out?

Ghaf: I feel like, remaining that same outcast that I've always been, sets me apart more than it shuts me out these days. The music speaks more than the level of popularity. Too many people can relate to my story. Sad truth.

CXM: Who would you like to work with in the industry?

Ghaf: I like Gunna right now, his style is crazy. So I'll say Gunna to start.

CXM: What are you most proud of?

Ghaf: Being an inspiration to the children.

CXM: What projects are you currently working on?

Ghaf: I currently am working on my first actual EP titled "When Darkness Falls" which is scheduled to be released in the winter. I currently have works available everywhere, that music can be streamed as well. 

CXM: What endeavors are you looking to move forward in?

Ghaf: I'm breaking into the fashion industry, so I'll be making my mark there as well soon.

CXM: How many shows have you performed, what cities? 

Ghaf: I've done too many shows to count over the years. I've been to NYC, Cleveland, Toronto to name a few. 

CXM: What are your future goals?

I intend to get this message out, evolve as many people as possible, make sure my family is living better, then vanish... In that order.

CXM: Any advice?

Ghaf: Always Be yoŪ. Unapologetically. Self acceptance makes way toward accepting others. 

Bday/zodiac: December 31st/Capricorn 

Fave car?: Cadillac 

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