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Her Royal Highness... Queen Lo.

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Illustrious talent, bad gal swag and diva persona wrapped in a focused and humble brigade of energy you can only find in the Royal Highness herself, Queen Lo.

My journey of finding light in dark places is always intervened by an entity that simply dazzles me at first sight. Queen Lo has a smile that opens up like a sunflower. Her dance moves are so fluid and aligned with her deepest vibrations that you have no choice but to fall under her hypnosis and vibe with her! She’s a joy to watch and extremely entertaining to listen to.

I had the honor to run into this gem and witnessed her perform her single “Entangled” an attempt to be a joke on the Will, Jada and August drama, turned into a hot sexy individualistic statement saying she’s strictly an entanglement! Honestly, my style of song; if you know me you know! “Entangled” is available on all of your favorite streaming platforms! I’ve added “Entangled” to my playlists Cxsh List: Sativa & Indica... I couldn’t choose one.

Queen Lo is developing a catalog of bangers and in development of more projects releasing December 2020 and beyond! Queen Lo is also a licensed esthetician and successful business woman; founder of Glo by Lo, a spa company that focuses on facials and waxing.

You can find, follow and vibe more with Queen Lo and her company @So.QueenLo & @GloByLoClt on IG! I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for this matriarch!

🙏🏾👌🏾💵 #cxsh



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