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Lil Tjay’s “F.N” Album review!

  It has been a very long time since I’ve been excited to jump in my whip and blast a track, let alone, an EP/Album! However, Lil Tjay has ended that drought of mind quenching lyrics, flow, melody and energy with his F.N album. I listened to him, compared to others that are in the same genre and he sounds incredibly polished!

  Lil Tjay seems to have an edge, over other artists; you can hear his understanding and control and it is mesmerizing. 

It’s the dopest car riding music I discovered this summer. My favorite tracks are “F.N”, “Ruthless” and “GOAT”. I added all 3 to my personal and public playlists featured on Apple Music and Spotify. To me, the whole project is fire, they all tell a story and a statement. I am looking forward to hearing much more from Lil Tjay, as he’s already got avid listeners!

  This EP is “Cxsh Certified”! That means I can ride, smoke and drink to his music. That’s a vibe! 👌🏾💵 #cxsh #cxshAF 

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