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R-Sin Flame brings 🔥 to Cxsh Media!

CXM: What city are you representing?

R-Sin: I’m from Statesville, NC. I was raised in G4 and BMT. 

CXM: What or who inspired you? 

R-Sin: I used to watch music videos as a kid, then when I was 10 I was once on BET. I knew what I wanted to do from there.

CXM: Who do you look up to in the industry?

R-Sin: I look up to hustlers like Jay Z and Master P as far as business. As far as music I respect the grind DaBaby and Stunna4vegas are putting in right now. They are inspiring artist from NC and I dig that. 

CXM: Who do you compare yourself to?

R-Sin: I don’t compare myself to other artist, I enjoy being different. I let others draw similarities between me and other artists.

CXM: What do you feel makes you stand out?

R-Sin: I have my own voice in the crowd. I have my own sound. And am creating my own lane. What makes me stand out.. I’m always myself even on records, I think I project myself as transparent. 

CXM: Who would you like to work with in the industry? 

R-Sin: Think it would be dope to work with Travis Scott, Gunna, Kendrick Lamar, DaBaby and Migos. 

CXM: What are you most proud of?

R-Sin: Being a father. 

CXM: What projects are you currently working on?

R-Sin: I’m pushing my album #G4L at the moment with the singles “Get Nasty” and “Kood Lawddd” those are fun to listen to too!

CXM: What endeavors are you looking to move forward in? 

R-Sin: I want my music to do well, I’m working hard to leave my imprint. I also do short films, I’ve always enjoyed acting.

CXM: What are your future goals?

R-Sin: In the future I just want to continue to be consistent with progressing myself to the next levels. I never want to be comfortable to where I can’t learn. I want to evolve further as a businessman, artist and father. 

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