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Rico Messiah tells us how he’s cxshing in on his career! 😎

CXM: What city are you representing?

Rico Messiah: Not a city boy, I represent the CAROLINA’S!

CXM: Who inspired your talents and when did you start developing your them? 

Rico Messiah: My uncles... not because they did music per say, but because they would play all of the hottest music growing up. From Jay-Z’s, Nas  and Down South legends like 8ball and MJG. Car rides and sit downs with them were very instrumental in my development as an artist. I knew that I wanted my uncles to hear me on their radio station and see me on TV one day. I saw how vital rap music was at a young age. I would say as early as 6. As a child, I would occasionally sing in the church choir. I dont know if that counts, I feel like every black kid does that if they were raised in the south. I would always perform when I was a child from talent shows at the the local YMCA to performing at summer programs.

CXM: Who do you look up to in the industry?

Rico Messiah: Curren$y … Business man, well branded, authentic and consistent  

CXM: Who do you compare yourself to?

Rico Messiah: Me personally, NOBODY…. I’ve heard Valee’ comparisons, Dom Kennedy, Ye and even Wayne from my peers. 

CXM: What do you feel makes you stand out?

Rico Messiah: I stick to my own sound. I’m not too pressed on trying to sound like rap music. I’m more pressed on sounding like me. I don’t follow trends. I make what feels good to me. 

CXM: Who would you like to work with in the industry?

Rico Messiah: Sade… I would kill for a hook for from her. Too smooth and I’m sure my mama would love that.

CXM: What are you most proud of?

Rico Messiah: I’m still here…. Through all of the bullshit, I'm still here. I’m most proud of that!

CXM: What projects are you currently working on?

Rico Messiah: I’m currently working on a hell of music.  A mixtape series is in the works, as well as a compilation of my beats with different artist…. And some freelance visuals.

What endeavors are you looking to move forward in?

I’m looking forward to working on my label TRUSTNOBODY WORLDWIDE and my fashion line. I’m also looking into starting a production company as well as getting into video production, tech and animation. Also the YouTube scene. You can catch me on my girls Youtube channel from time to time. Hell, I’ll probably make my own youtube alternative.

CXM: How many shows have you performed, what cities?

Rico Messiah: I couldn’t tell you off the top of my head, but, Atlanta, DC, Charlotte, and New York, just to name a few. 

CXM: What are your future goals?

Rico Messiah: Being wealthy and healthy, making a major impact on this earth and the youth. Win a Grammy or 2 , A Nobel peace prize.  Make MY family proud... become a staple in modern music. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY MAKE IT EASIER FOR THE NEXT GENERATION TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES THROUGH ART.

CXM: Any advice?

Rico Messiah: FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. TRUST NOBODY. TRUST YOUR INTUITION…. DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU WHAT YOU CAN’T DO and never limit yourself. Make sure you separate business from the art. This business is cut throat.

CXM: Fave color?

Rico Messiah: BLACK

CXM: Bday/ zodiac

Rico Messiah: 10/7 LIBRA

CXM: Fave car?

Rico Messiah: It’s between the 1995 BMW M3, 1996 Caprice, or the 03 Bentley Continental GT.

CXM: Fave number? 

Rico Messiah: 1

CXM: Fave food/place to grub? 

Rico Messiah: Hot wings extra hot….. From Wingbonz aka WING KING 

CXM: Fave Sports? 

Rico Messiah: Football, Basketball, Futbol, Track, Mixed Martial Arts... I love it all! Who doesn’t like being entertained?

Social Media Links.

 IG @ricomessiah

Twitter @ricomessiah

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