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15 Artists From Boston You Should Know

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Boston has been making heat for the northern region and has been becoming one of the hottest areas for independent artists to be noticed. Here is a quick comprehensive list of 15 Artists From Boston You Need to Know: G Fredo, 7981 Kal, Vasjan, Gio Dee, Mosa, Poleboy D Rose, 8Zipp, Fasscoupe, Yahweh Almighty, Trottie Y Gizzle, Doobie83, $hayBand$, Smoke Bulga, D The Flyest and Lighta Vuitton.

Follow them all on IG and check out their music.

1. G Fredo

Notable songs: Die Homes, They don’t know

IG: @frizzblock.fredo

2. 7981 Kal

Notable songs: FTG, Dead Opps

IG: @7981kal_hsm

3. Vasjan

Notable songs: Pull Up N Ride, Who Want Smoke

IG: @vasjanzisi

4. Gio Dee

Notable songs: Mind Yo Business, Save It

IG @iamgiodee

5. Mosa

Notable songs: Mad Friendly, Church

IG @heartbreakmosa

6. Poleboy D Rose

Notable songs: Zaza, Pressure

IG @roseavillie57

7. 8Zipp

Notable songs: Trapp’D, Head Tap

IG @_8zipp

8. Fasscoupe

Notable songs: Pray For, Seashell

IG @fasscoupe

9. Yahweh Almighty

Notable songs: Derek Jeter, Perky Land

IG @yahweh2cool

10. Trottie Y Gizzle

Notable songs: Facts, The Real

IG @trottieygizzle

11. Doobie 83

Notable songs: 1M Bitches, Several Attachments

IG @doobiemoa

12. $hayBand$

Notable songs: Distant, No Features

IG @shaybandzomt

13. Smoke Bulga

Notable songs: Water Whip’n, Money on my Mind

IG @smokebulgadg

14. D The Flyest

Notable songs: Fugazi, FreeTheChainGang

IG @dtheflyestbtl

15. Lighta Vuitton

Notable songs: 187, Insomnia

IG @lightavuitton

Majority of these artists can also be found on the New England Top 50 playlist featured on Apple Music.

~ King Cxshmere

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