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BreadWinner Sosaa is on His Daily Grind For Success.

It's surreal to be able to run into artists with caliber like BreadWinner Sosaa aka BWS Sosaa right in your vicinity! Hailing from Gastonia, N.C. BWS Sosaa brings talent and precision to a mix of melodic lyricism that holds the essence of the daily grind of hustlers! He recently toured with DJ B Eazy on the New Carolina Tour 2020.

I had the pleasure to listen to this artist and if you know me, I love that melodic trap music that tells stories on occasion or motivates you to get a bag and that is what this artist does! I added his singles "Call/Callin", "UPS" & "Gambles" to my Cxsh List: Sativa Playlist. These songs stuck out when I first heard them! The chemistry of his "church & streets" raised tones brings out that "Hustlers" vibe. When I tapped in, I was also impressed at his own ability to record and handle his own audio engineering due to him achieving his degree at Full Sail University; even after losing his father and having to help take care of his family and pausing his previous pursuits in college. It's inspiring to hear his rising from a dark place to a place of light. BreadWinner Sosaa is risen and ready!

You can purchase and stream "Call/Callin" and all his music on all streaming platforms.

Follow BWS Sosaa on IG @BreadWinnerSosaa

~ King Cxshmere

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