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Asher the great...

I had the honor to run into this amazing up and coming artist, named Asher. I listened to his music and his voice was commanding, bars were titanium and overall vibe was a refresh! It was like Hip Hop had a reset and gifted us this young genius, who is ahead of his time!

As you listen, you can hear his strives for excellence. As he does in all aspects, Asher places his best efforts through the beats.

Asher is a cancer warrior and uses his talents to elevate to his healing.

Asher is a multi-instrumentalist; able to play the piano, flute and guitar, just to name a few. He does poetry and can even hold a tune. This multifaceted artist can not go unnoticed. Take the time to check out his music and follow his story.

Asher’s music can be found via the link! Make sure to stream and follow to this dope artist.

Follow Asher on IG @aasher__

👌🏾💵 #cxsh

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