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Updated: Jun 15, 2021

I’m introducing you all to “The Bag Guru” BAGZAMILLEON. I had the pleasure of meeting this artist at a performance he was conducting, where I got to see a performance delivered by . He has talent, energy and intellect to support his name!

BAGZAMILLEON came from a troubled childhood of violence, crime and drugs. Thankfully to his desire to become more than a statistic and to be a valued member in our community, he has beaten the odds of being held down by his past and made hisself a boss; creating the life that he desires. BAGZAMILLEON has worked for some of the greatest names in the game such as Kanye West, Rocko and Dame Dash just to name a few.

BAGZAMILLEON has knowledge and intellect that goes beyond music. He also overstands the importance of credit and savings and believes instilling those moral values in others around him. He knows how to get and secure his bag, hence the nickname “The Bag Guru”.

BAGZAMILLEON has released his hit single “Watch Me Jump” which is streaming on all platforms! I am happy to welcome this new artist to my playlist and new roster! Watch him jump and fly on these new endeavors coming up soon!

Follow him on all social media @BAGZAMILLEON

I am happy to welcome this dope artist to my company and family!

~ Cxshmere 🙏🏾👌🏾💵 #cxsh


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