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Phenomenal Woman ~ Ameca Cooley, The Generational Wealth Coach.

It is my joy to introduce you all to Ameca Cooley. She is known as a Generational Wealth Coach, who teaches and coaches others on how to build and leverage wealth and credit. Ameca's background resides in finance, investment and travel.

As a financial advisor she has helped people fix their credit, establish financial literacy and practice wealth generating actions. As an investor, Ameca has touched, stock, Forex and start-up companies. With Travel... it's a lot more personal, Ameca found a way to benefit from her greatest pleasure.

Ameca has traveled all her life and when she found out how much money she was spending on travel expenses and what she could be saving as a travel agent, her mouth hit the floor! Not only was she spending a lot, she was missing a whole revenue of income from travelers around the world. Ameca discovered how to travel at a discount and leverage her lifestyle to make money for her. With Plannet Marketing, they give her the tools to be a Travel Agent, allowing her to make an income while enjoying the pleasures of world travel. Ameca has proven that she hustle her situations to benefit her, even in pleasure; defining her as phenomenal.

Follow Ameca on social media @AmecaTravelinit

To Inquire on how to become a Travel Agent, visit

To learn more about Ameca you can visit her website

~ King Cxshmere

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