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Sincerely T.R.U.B.

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Every now and then, I run into artists and although their music is good, it sometimes seem to lack a sense of spirit. When I listen to and look at Trub, I hear and see a very sincere artist having fun with his skills. He makes light work of songs with his sharp lyrics accompanied by an energy that can’t be tamed.

Originally from Memphis, TN, Trub currently stays in Atlanta where he is furthering his career. His inspirations come from living legends like Jay Z, Lil Wayne and Drake.

I enjoyed his lyrics and passion on his single “Just Too Much” ft Wudjet. That was a track in light of our Black Lives Matter movement. My favorite is his newest single “What”, heavy trap wrapped in lyrics that will shred your ears.

“What” was added to “The Cxsh House Playlist” on Apple Music!

Make sure to follow this artist on all his endeavors @TrubChef on IG & Twitter!

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