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T James - Trappin Made it Happen

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Welcoming T James to Cxsh Media! T James is from Gadsden, Alabama, sharing stories of his pain and struggle through his music. Trappin Made It Happen is a body of work displaying wordplay and melodies for the avid trap music listener. T James is not lacking on bars, punch lines or cadence; he sounds polished enough for my playlist.

I've added two tracks to my "Cxsh List: Sativa" playlist; "Trappin Made It Happen", "Air Bnb" & "Motion". These tracks flowed well on my playlist and I hope you add them to yours.

T James released a preceding mixtape featured on Live Mixtapes called "Real Rap 2".

T James aspires to become one of the greatest artists to come out of Alabama! I can attest and say that Alabama is a promising state for music thanks to artists like T James, Bianca Clarke and Yung Bleu. Follow his journey on his social media and stay locked in with his upcoming releases and progressions.

Instagram @Doubler_TJames

Twitter @Doubler_TJames


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