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The Search For More.

Over the last few months, I’ve searched for new and unfamiliar voices to add to my ever growing playlists. Throughout the search I found voices like Elliott Trent, TYuS, Yo Trane and more! Elliott Trent wowed me with his powerful vocals and versatile consistent delivery of tracks like “Leave That Pole Alone” and “Brand New” from his earlier work “The Gentleman’s Club”, all the way to his latest release “Into The Night”.

Trent’s music inspired yet another search for artists in the delicate genre of R&B. Introducing Playlists: Cxsh List: Blue Dream and Moon Drip. Both are currently featured on Apple Music and will be among other platforms momentarily.

Cxsh List: Blue Dream is the result of a deep search for R&B featuring artists like TYuS, T. Amor, NBDY, Maurice Moore, Elliott Trent, Yo Trane and LVNDVN.

Cxsh List: Moonlight Drip is heavily seasoned with music by Elliott Trent! In respect to his inspiration of the search, I had to make an Elliott Trent exclusive! I hope you enjoy. 👌🏾💵 #cxsh

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