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The Shine of Jolicoeur...

When I first heard Jolicoeur's voice and reason on her single "Do The Most" , I was immediately engaged in her vibe. She considers herself "culturally inclined"; stemming roots from Massachusetts and traveling abroad to study in Greece, The United Kingdom and other parts of Europe. Her voice makes me think of a loud whisper wrapped in fire. Her lyrics are straight to the point; no bullshit and I love it!

Diverse is Jolicoeur's super power. She is confident and very able. She glides through Pop and R&B easily; To whom it may concern, Music is her genre.

Her current single "20/20" is what my personal Guru would call "a crucial vibe"; especially at time like this.

Click on the pictures above and below to start streaming Jolicoeur's music.

Follow Jolicouer's journey via @JacquiJolicoeur!

I hope you enjoy Jolicoeur as much as I do and add her to some of your favorite playlists. I've added 3 tracks to Cxsh List: Indica. Go ahead and catch a vibe. 👌🏾💵 #cxsh
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