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Yella Rae - NY’s favorite color in radio!

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Yella Rae is officially listed as a Phenomenal Woman feature on Cxsh Media! Yella Rae is a veteran radio personality, celebrity red carpet interviewer and host airing out of Queens, NY, with roots from the city of hustlers, Brooklyn, NY. With a laundry list of accolades, it was a no brainer choosing her as a Phenomenal Woman.

I had the pleasure of running into Yella Rae several times on the Clubhouse social network app, where I got to discover an energy like no other! Getting to know her, I found out she was a woman of ambition, with an education and a schedule that doesn’t seem to fit inside the clock. She also has a heart of gold; I’ve witnessed her character and can vouch that sis looks out for the cookout! Of course with a name like Yella Rae, you have to expect a vibe that matched! Her personality is electric and magnetic, she seems capable of pioneering any endeavor she sites!

Speaking of pioneering, Yella Rae has kick started a Radio Tour where she will be heading to a number of metros in Texas, Georgia, Florida and California to meet up and coming artists this summer 2021! You can find more details on her IG account and she has a room she runs daily on Clubhouse for open discussions questions.

I want y’all to follow Yella Rae on IG @yella__rae and stay in touch with NY’s favorite color in radio!


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