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Young’n Destined - A Rare Hybrid.

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Young’n Destined, from Michigan is a hybrid artist, dabbling in the skill set of singing and rapping, not the same as an autotuned trap artist. Young’n Destined can hold notes and bars in and outside of the studio. It’s like “hearing” night and day!

I became a fan after hearing his single By My Side, an R&B track, just in time for the love season of V Day. I went ahead and added it to Cxsh List: Indica; but then I went to his other work and ran into his “Sativa vibed” tracks and I started shopping like an Amazon customer.

Young’n Destined’s latest Album, My Turn 2 is jeweled with several vibes to relate to. Young’n Destined achieved landing on both of my playlists with TakeOff, SMS and Pros. I also found a dope track he was featured on; Neisha Nesha by Sam Watson featuring Young’n Destined is a ‘slide on em’ track I also added to the Indica playlist.

Make sure to follow Young’n Destined’s journey on his social media via @YoungnDestined on Instagram.

Stream and download his music via the link.

🙏🏾👌🏾💵 #cxsh


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