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Zion Matthewz - Previewz EP

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Listening to “Previewz” is a delight, dropped in a skilled care package. You can rest assured that the future of music is very bright; as you see I still keep finding exceptional artists with the flow of the mainstreams. Zion Matthewz delivered us a completion of quality tracks ready to preview!

Zion ice skates on the slick beats with precision and charisma. His word play is cunning and uses a deep melodic tone to sew words into an outfit of harmonious elements. Previewz is available on your favorite streaming platforms! I’ve got him on my Apple Music! Stay tuned for more by Zion Matthewz; he’s just warming up.

Follow Zion Matthewz on IG @ZiiServez!


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