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Phenomenal Women - D Renee All Day!

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

At first glance, seeing D Renee is like a breath of fresh air! A personality shaped by the sun. You first witness an established media mogul; then you realize after getting to know her better, she is on a powerful rise. Like the sun on a new day, I’d like to introduce to you all, D Renee All Day!

D Renee carries a great deal of experience, education and solidity in the Urban Entertainment community; maintstream and independent alike. D Renee is a household name in the city of Charlotte and abroad, thanks to her consistency in Radio! We’ve enjoyed her as “Ya Favorite Homegirl on Air” when we tuned in to Streets 103.3 and 92.7 the Block! She used her media presence as a tool and gateway for the local independent artists; being a well sought after resource to the community.

Now with her wealth of experience, D Renee is conquering new lanes and covering new territory with her new endeavor, “The Kickback”, a live radio experience with dope artist interviews, performances and simply dope vibes! It is syndicated in Charlotte, NC and New Orleans, LA and gaining more traction.

As her career continues, so do her opportunities. D Renee secured a civilian situation as a flight attendant, making the world her oyster for fresh content and of course new contacts! She has also been slated for a critical role in the highly anticipated movie “First Day Out” which is projected for final cut 2021.

As you see, although the horizons always hold obstacles, none can stop the rise and shine of D Renee. 👌🏾💵 #cxsh



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